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Change of scenery!

Dear All

I hope my new blog finds you all fit and healthy at the start of 2015!  I am currently taking a much needed 2 week holiday from my business and have finally found the time to sit down and write a little note to everyone, I guess not entirely work free then!
How many of us do actually take a complete break from work, in this age of very fast and 24 hour available media?  If we do have a spare few moments, how many of us find ourselves trawling facebook or some other social media site?  Do we ever allow ourselves time to totally switch off and get out of the house, without the phone or tablet or games consul, and enjoy the fresh air and just sit and enjoy our surroundings?
Maybe it is something we should all concentrate on more in the years to come as technology becomes faster and faster! A little time out on our own to meditate and take ourselves off can work wonders for the soul.  

As from 6th February 2015, I am no longer working from Indulge beauty salon at Barton Turf, I made the decision to work from home only now instead of skipping backwards and forwards between the two salons.  I hope that most of my regular clients will still come and see me at home and of course I will welcome any new clients.

I hope to be able to post more regular blogs once I start back to work on 24th February, please do not hesitate to contact me for appointments in the meantime, 07713 578718 or 01603 266029.

Take care

Celia x

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